Friday, August 19, 2011

August Chaos

The most important events in our lives all happen in 9 days.  Our three children's birthdays and our wedding anniversary.  Throw in a trip to Vegas and the start to a new school year and you can get a glimpse into our crazy life :)  Oh, and why not add a CT scan and abdominal ultrasound?

Noah turned 7 years old.  He wears size 10 jeans.  The kid is gigantic.  :) 

He had his friend party at a Chiefs game.  We had 7 kids.  And 6 adults.  When I was planning this out, I thought that was a good kid:adult ratio.  Turns out a few more grownups might have been nice :)  The kids had a good time though.  Noah got to throw out the first pitch and he thought that was pretty cool.  The weather was perfect and it was a fireworks night.  So fun :)

Eric and I celebrated our anniversary by going to the Miss Marigold Pageant rehearsal (super romantic I know) and out to dinner at Granite City, my fave.  We also celebrated the week before by going to Las Vegas with 6 of our closest friends.  We had a lot of fun, but were glad to get home.  Especially since the flight home was a little scary.  On our descent into Peoria, the guy across the aisle from us had a seizure and passed out.  People were panicking but luckily there was a nurse on board to help.  Keep in mind this is happening while we are going down.  I think the pilot may have been a little rattled by this medical emergency, and we hit the runway hard (I don't want to say we crash landed...but it was rough) and then the pilot was putting on the brakes but we were still racing down the runway at what seemed like full speed.  We were looking out the window at everything flying by, thinking are we ever going to stop?!  We did, just in time, but it was seriously frightening.  Never so glad to be back on the ground and in one piece :)

Lenay and Campbell turned 2 years old.  2 years old!  We did a family party for all three kids.  I said gifts were optional, yet now my house is somehow filled with new toys?  Its crazy how spoiled my kids are.

I made a new video for the girls' birthday and put it on youtube.  You can view it here.

Noah started the first grade this week.  He loves his teacher, loves going to school all day, loves riding the bus, loves lunch and recess, and loves earning "Kober Bucks."  I'm so glad :)  I just pray that it continues.

Last week I went in for my CT scan and abdominal ultrasound.  I was thankful that Eric was able to get time off work to go with me.  The ultrasound was no big deal. 

Have you ever had an ultrasound before? The tech asks me as I pull up my shirt.

Um, tons.

This was different than anything I've had in my life though.

As she starts the sono, Eric leans over to her and says:

There better not be a baby in there.

We laughed.

Next was the CT scan.  They had to start an IV, which is never easy.  They ended up calling in the veteran, and she got it on the first try.

They told me that when they inject the dye, I would feel a warm sensation all over, and it would feel like I peed my pants.  Nice.

I went through the machine 3 times.  Once before the dye, once with a little dye, and once with the bulk of the dye.

What a weird feeling.  I mostly felt it in the back of my throat.

We went out for bagel sandwiches and headed home.

I got a call the next day from my doctor.  When I saw the caller ID, I was initially worried.  See they had told me it would be 3-4 days before I would hear back since it was such a specialized scan, and I know from past experience that when they get back to you right away with results, it can be bad news.

I was wrong.

No aneurysms!!  Woo hoo :)

We've got more craziness coming up.  The girls will see the pediatrician, Campbell sees her gastroenterologist, and Lenay will see the cardiologist for an EKG and echocardiogram.

Will keep you posted.

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  1. What a crazy, but perfectly normal life!

    So glad to hear your results were a-okay.