Thursday, June 2, 2011

Friends from (before) the Beginning

Lenay and Campbell have known their friend Ella since they were born.  Literally. 

Ella made her grand entrance into this world prematurely as well.  She shared a room in the NICU with Lenay and Campbell.  I wish we had a picture of the three of them in the NICU together. 

Ella's mom and dad and I have also known each other since we were born (it seems anyway!)  The three of us actually started in the same kindergarten class at Marquette Elementary, and continued to be in the same accelerated classes all the way through grade school and middle school (with the exception of 5th grade, when they did something funky with our classes that year.)

Time marches on, and God made sure that I was reunited with Jeff and Kelley in the NICU in 2009 with our little miracle babies.

Kelley and I have gone through a lot together with these babies, and I'm so grateful for our renewed friendship!  We've had to lean on each other in times when no one else could relate. 

Ella is an amazing little person who has been through a lot in her little life!  You can read more about Ella's story at Fairy Tale Endings

We've taken pictures of the girls over time, and most recently just this week.  Its amazing to see them grow and to look back and see how far they've come.

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