Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clutch Player

A few days have passed and this g tube idea just doesn't seem any better.

A few things to report:

1) Campbell went to the Children's Hospital yesterday to get some labs drawn. 


Our pediatrician will get the results, and if anything seems funky then the endocrinologist will see her.

2) We have our second opinion scheduled with another pediatric gastroenterologist in Peoria.

It will be the same day as the surgical consult.  Please pray for us on June 30!

3) We have been doing our best to stuff Campbell with calories.  Milkshakes, ice cream, hamburgers, things with butter, you name it.  We stopped giving her juice and replaced it with yogurt smoothies instead.  Juice is an appetite suppressant and it has little calories.  Also, her gastro doc put her on a higher calorie pediasure.  Didn't even know they made such a thing.  He gave us quite a few samples so that should last us a couple weeks.  Then I will have to figure out where to buy the stuff, since I know they don't carry it in stores.  Pharmacy or online I would suppose.  I'm sure its not any cheaper. 

But we'll do anything to keep a tube out of her!

Campbell has physical therapy and feeding therapy this week.  I'm anxious to talk to our speech path about the g tube to see what she thinks and if she has any ideas for us.  They will be doing both a PT eval and a speech eval (she's never had one of those before) so we can see where she is developmentally in those areas.

Eric is confident that Campbell will pull it our here when it counts, like she always does.

 He says she is a clutch player. 

The Anti-Lebron, if you will.

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  1. Good for Eric! I'm sure that made you smile, it did me! Didn't see you at church today, but have been praying. You will have toilet me know how her speech eval goes.