Monday, March 28, 2011

The Flux Capacitor

We are going. 

Back to the future.

Which is actually the present.  :)

So here's where we are with the girls.  In real time. 

Campbell is off of her cardiac medicine.  (Yay!)  And she is currently being weaned off her prevacid.  (Yayy!!)  She is very close to being med free for the first time since birth.  That is an awesome feeling my friends.

Campbell is still being followed by her cardiologist.  She goes back to see him in April.

Campbell is also still being followed by her gastroenterologist.  Our last appointment was a couple weeks ago, and he told me at that time that he would like to see her on the growth chart for weight by the time she is 2 years old.  (Me too man!)  We go back to see him in May, and at that time we may possibly be able to switch from pediasure to regular old milk.  Our wallets would like that very much.

Campbell is also seeing her physical therapist and her speech pathologist for feeding therapy once a month.  She is also scheduled to see her occupational therapist for another evaluation in April.  Her PT has been very happy with her progress and said he would continue to see her until she starts walking.

Lenay is still on both daily aspirin and cardiac medicine for her PDA closure issue.  She goes back in for a sedated echocardiogram in April, and we are praying for some good news.

And we also have another child.  :)  His name is Noah, in case you haven't heard of him.  He has sort of been in the background on this blog so far, but he is actually quite an important player.  He is such a big help with the babies and he absolutely loves being their big brother and protector.  Eric and I try to do fun things with just him on a regular basis to remind him just how important and special he is to us.  Whenever we are out in public as a family, people have a hard time seeing past the twins.  As parents of twins, we've learned to expect random strangers to stop and ooh and ahh over the babies, and I'm always sure to point out the big brother, and what a good job he does being just that.

This blog is very therapeutic for me.  :)  It has helped me to count our blessings.  When I think back over these last 19 months, and how much our lives have changed, I can't help but smile.  God has given us so much to be thankful for.

Roads?  Where we're going we don't need...roads.

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