Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Developmental Delays

Its funny how people assume that twins are the same.  They should grow at the same rate.  They should be doing the same things.  Because they are twins right?

Its okay.  Sometimes I am one of those people.  :)

Sometimes I have to remind myself that its okay if they aren't the same.  Just because they shared a womb doesn't mean they will share everything after they vacate it.  They are different people.  They are not the same.  Its okay!

Well my twins have consistently been about a pound and an inch apart for most of their lives.  It might not sound like much, but on little ones a pound and an inch looks like a lot!

Lenay has pretty much done everything first.  First to roll, sit, crawl, stand, walk, and talk.  Again, very typical of Baby A. 

Campbell has consistently been later to do all of these things.  And some of these things she still has yet to do.

But that's okay.  It took me a while to come to terms with this.  Its okay!  Like I said before, this child is teaching her mother some much needed patience.  :)

But last summer, when the girls were about 10 months old, it was becoming apparent that the gap was widening greatly between the two.  Lenay was sitting and transitioning to crawling with no problems.  She was standing and cruising.  She was eating all kinds of food.

Campbell was rolling a little.  And that was about it.  She did not sit up.  She would not bear weight through her legs.  She had no interest in food. 

I was scared.

I talked with our pediatrician about a developmental screening.  If a baby has a 30% delay in some aspect of development, then she qualifies for early intervention services.

At 10 months old with an adjusted age of 8 months, Campbell had a 30% delay in gross motor skills, and 100% delay in personal care, which included eating.  She was referred to a developmental therapist, a physical therapist, a speech pathologist for feeding therapy, and later an occupational therapist.

As I've said before, these therapists have been a wonderful addition to Campbell's medical care team.  Its mostly home program therapy, but we do go in and see the therapists once a month.

When she was first evaluated, her therapist told me she was at a 0 months level for feeding.

8 months have passed since her therapy began, and during that time she has made tremendous strides.  She now sits and transitions to crawling, which is mostly commando crawling, but recently she has been doing some "real" crawling which honestly brings tears to my eyes. 

She bears weight and cruises along the couch!  No steps on her own yet, but I believe it will come.  There was a time when it didn't seem like she would ever walk, but now I can see it coming. 

Let me tell you, that will be a big day. 

And most importantly I think, she is eating!  And even more importantly, she enjoys her food :) 

Who ever knew this would be such an accomplishment?!

She is now at a 13 months level for feeding.  That is great, considering her adjusted age is 16 months. 

She's catching up.  :)

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  1. Sweet girls who have come a long way!! We pray for your girlies all the time!!