Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Big One

August is the craziest month at our house. 

Eric and I got married in August. 

Then Noah was born in August. 

Then Lenay and Campbell were born (unexpectedly) in August.  (We wanted an October birthday, darn it!) 

School starts in August.  Can we cram anything else into August?

Turning one year old was kind of a big deal.  :)  It was such an important milestone for the girls!  They had come so far in those twelve months.

They had a Baby Einstein theme :)

I had taken pictures of the girls together every month of their life, and we displayed those pictures on a Baby Einstein Caterpillar for everyone to see.

I made a picture collage for each of the girls on large canvases.

I put together a tribute to the NICU, complete with one of the tiny sleepers Lenay wore when she was still under three pounds.

We had invited our primary nurse from the NICU, Tracy.  She had emailed me ahead of time to tell me that she would be unable to make it, because she had to work.  We were disappointed that she couldn't make it, but we understood she had other tiny babies to take care of too.  :)

Amid the chaos of the party, I was in the kitchen, getting the girls' cakes ready for them to mess, when Eric walked in the back door and said:

Look who's here!

I turned around.  It was Tracy!  I screamed.  :)

She was still in her scrubs.  She had convinced her charge nurse that she just had to get off early so she could go to her babies' birthday party!  <3

Words could not describe how excited I was that she made it!  She had been with us from the beginning.  So it was only right that she be there for their birthday.  And she had helped us through so much.  She took excellent care of our babies.  And us. :)  We love you Tracy!

The babies had a great day of celebration. 
What a year it had been!

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  1. Thank you for sharing - I love to read about thier beginnings!

    Susan Milby