Saturday, July 16, 2011

Prepared for a Throw Down

Campbell has been doing great with her eating! 

I am so proud of her :)

We've been having ice cream at least 3 times a day.

Even so, I've been dreading her gastroenterologist appointment.

This would be the first time we would see him since the surgical consult, when the other doc vetoed his decision that Cam needs a g tube.

He wouldn't be happy about this.

And honestly, I'm a huge chicken.  I made sure Eric could meet me so I didn't have to face him alone.

We went in prepared.  Prepared to be told off.  Prepared to tell him off.  Prepared to walk out of his office, never to return.

As we waited in the exam room, I had some weird thoughts.

Do we still stop at the desk on our way out after we have our big throw down?

Will the other patients hear us screaming at each other through the walls?

Is Eric going to physically assault this doctor?

Do we need a lawyer?

Just then, there was a familiar knock at the door.  Eric and I looked at each other and put our game faces on.  Expecting the worst.

And we could not have been more wrong.

He came in, Campbell's chart in hand, smiling from ear to ear.

Well, I don't know what you are doing, but you are doing something right!

I stared at him, dumbfounded.

I also heard, I am so proud of her!

And pinching her arms, Look at this fat!

Not a word was mentioned about the surgeon.  Not a word about the g tube.  Not a word!

He shook our hands like five times I swear.

He said to keep up the good work, and come back and see him in six weeks.

Eric and I walked out of his office smiling and laughing.

Pretty much the opposite of what I had pictured in my head :)

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  1. So glad you didn't have to hit him and run!