Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cardiology and Multiple Therapies

Campbell saw the cardiologist last week too. 

He can still hear her murmur slightly, which is due to her pulmonary valve stenosis.  Its a preemie thing, and we've known about it since she was a wee little one.  She is working on outgrowing it.  Go Cam.

She came off her cardiac medicine in December, and since then her event recorder, holter monitor, and EKGs have looked "fantastic" according to our doc.  No more arrhythmias for her!

He did say that there is a chance that her arrhythmia could come back down the road.  He said sometimes it reoccurs around 10-12 years old.  Not a big deal, just something to watch out for.  By that time, she would be able to feel it, and would be able to tell us something is going on.  Cardiology will continue to follow her too, which is good for our peace of mind.

She bought herself a pass for the next 8 months!  Good job Miss Campbell.  :)

She also saw her physical therapist and speech path that same morning (it was an exhausting day) and everyone thinks she is doing great!  She has made tremendous strides in the last few months.  Only thing our PT mentioned was that she is showing slight pronation and may need more supportive shoes, but we will just wait and see.  He said that pronation is common in babies with low tone, and also in babies who are learning how to walk.  She is both of those things, so he will watch her and see how those little feet do in the next few months.

We saw her occupational therapist today (try and keep all these therapists straight, okay?) and she also thinks that Campbell is doing great.  Last time she was seen 4 months ago, she wasn't feeding herself or holding a cup.  During her evaluation today, she was showing off her oh so efficient pincer grasp, drinking from her cup, turning pages in a book, putting together a puzzle, and some other quite impressive things.  Our OT said she is at about 15-16 months for fine motor (she is 20 months old, 17 months adjusted) so she is still delayed, but closing the gap. 

I'm so proud of her.  :)

And she has taken her first steps.

That's right.  Campbell is walking!

Last summer when Lenay was on the brink of walking, and Campbell was only just barely rolling, let alone doing anything else, I was concerned. 

More than concerned. 

Scared.  Scared she wouldn't ever walk.

And as you know, she hated eating.  She had terrible GERD and a learned behavior to refuse food.  She had poor weight gain and even lost weight. 

And here we are a year later.  And after the developmental screening process, qualifying for early intervention services, a year of PT, OT, and feeding therapy, I have a baby who walks and feeds herself.

I have a baby who walks!

And feeds herself!


The things that many other parents take for granted.

We are so blessed.

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  1. We are celebrating those little milestones with you! That's fantastic.