Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Freight Train

We made it 12 more days.

During those of which I was on and off of magnesium sulfate, which is a very nasty but very necessary drug.

We also celebrated Noah's fifth birthday.

And Eric and my ninth anniversary.

Not our most romantic anniversary, but definitely one of the most memorable.

The night the babies arrived was frightening.  My labor was lightning fast.  No one told me that premature labor bears down on you like a freight train.  I dilated from 0-10 in about 2 1/2 hours.  My contractions were hard and fast and stacked right on top of each other.  I had no pain meds.

I repeat.  No pain meds.

I was whisked from antepartum to labor and delivery to the operating room within minutes.

We didn't think my doc was going to make it in time.

I was literally complete and feeling the pushing pains as they were administering my spinal.  On the operating table. 

I was never so happy to see my doctor as he arrived just in time to perform my c-section. 

Lenay Isabella White was born first at 12:05 AM on Tuesday August 18, 2009.  She weighed 2 lbs 9 oz.  She was tiny and beautiful, and I heard her cry right away.  The most beautiful sound. 

Campbell Elisabeth White was born two minutes later. 
She weighed 3 lbs even. 

She did not cry.

Oh God, why isn't she crying?

I craned my neck so I could see her.

She was blue. 

They were working on her.

She had to be resusitated. 

The scariest seconds of my life. 

She cried.  It was much softer than her sister but I heard her.  It was beautiful.

I cried.

They were both whisked off to the NICU and Eric followed, while they finished putting me back together.

Our babies were born at 29 weeks and 5 days. 

And 5 minutes and 7 minutes. 

Every minute counts.


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